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GET EMPOWERED! uses multicultural & healing arts, education & creative coaching to empower people of all ages.



Announcing: Get Empowered! partners with YMCA of Greater NY and New American Initiative Sites to launch "New American Welcome Week" We will provide cultural & healing arts activities to celebrate our theme of "Community Outreach & Communities in Unity" Events. All events are free + open to all ages. Schedule overview: Flatbush, Brooklyn, Sept 16 + Staten Island Sept 17 + Ellis Island Sept 19 + Harlem Sept 20 + Prospect Park, Bklyn Sept 21 + Flushing, Queens Sept 22 + Bronx Sept 23 + Chinatown Sept 24. - for more info & press details contact

New Partnership Sites:

North Oakland Community Charter School, Oakland, CA (K- 8th graders - 24 classes per week)

KIPP Prize Charter School, San Jose, CA (3-5th graders = 6 classes per week)

ASCEND Charter School, Brooklyn, NY (K-8th graders = 8 classes per week and monthly school-wide assembly programs)

CAMBA Flagstone Community & Homeless Shelter, Brooklyn, NY (6 - 8th graders - 4 classes per week

For me, being a part of Get Empowered means I belong and I know I can be or face anything. I’m happier, stronger and believe in myself. Now I want to empower other people too!
— Juan, 14 yrs old


I get empowered by doing ginga’s during capoeira, samba reggae and learning new drum beats. It makes me feel all the energy I didn’t know I had!
— Drevon, 9 yrs old


  • It's on! Summer 2016 Get Empowered! outreach tour = Summer Camps, Community Events, Business Conferences & Festivals!
  • "I am Light!" = our latest program and curriculum built around the beautiful, inspiring lyrics & powerful song by India.Arie's  "I am Light" motivates kids to find their unique light within & shine bright with confidence. Using the song as a foundation - kids meditate, do yoga, dance, write, sing & express themselves in safe, creative ways.
  • Congratulations to our 488 Get Empowered! kids in NYC and CA!  10 Spring Graduation & Showcase Events

The Get Empowered! Mission: Uplift, empower & support children, families & adults in overcoming obstacles socially, emotionally, physically and/or intellectually.

Our unique program design & activities: boost self-esteem, improve communication, enhance team-work, foster respect, boost positive energy, enhance focus & productivity, and model healthy life-skills that can uplift individuals or groups in school, home, community or business settings.

Get Empowered! can be provided in any setting, as a workshop, on-going residency, conference presentation, or interactive event.

We empower participants through 5 different activities in safe, inclusive ways:

  • Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts)
  • World Music / Drumming / Singing
  • Global Dance & Urban Hip Hop
  • Global Learning / Diversity & Inclusion Education
  • Empowerment-Healing Circles: Overcoming Obstacles & Goal-Setting thru meditation, yoga & coaching conversations

Thanks to generous support and funding from TDA Inc + Community Based Organizations - Get Empowered! is currently in 15 diverse K-12 sites in New York City & the Bay Area,California

Learn more about us: check out our team artists, our K-12 and Corporate program menus, or become a sponsor!

I never knew about capoeira or the gumboot dance, they are so much fun and I leaned a lot about how music and dance help people to deal with hard stuff in life and feel strong or safe. I want to go to Brazil and South Africa one day. I always love get empowered days, they give me energy!
— Zariyah, 10 yrs old